IQ Testing


Reasons for Testing
Canberra Child IQ Testing

  • Your child is complaining of boredom in class
  • Access to gifted provisions at school (eg acceleration and enrichment)
  • Signs of daydreaming, impulsivity in class and or home
  • Behavioural or emotional challenges
  • Teachers/parents requesting an independent and objective assessment of a child's strengths and weaknesses and learning style
  • Identification of a Specific Learning Disorder


The IQ assessment
Canberra Child IQ Testing

Also known as cognitive/psychometric testing, IQ testing assesses verbal and visual problem solving, fluid reasoning, processing speed, and working memory. We currently use the WISC-V (Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children; ages 6-16 years) and the WPPSI-IV (Weschler Preschool & Primary Scale of Intelligence; ages 4-6  years).


The Educational assessment
Canberra Child Testing

Educational or academic testing involves assessing a child's skills in word reading, reading comprehension, spelling, writing, and numeracy. We currently use the WIAT-III (Weschler Individual Achievement Test). An educational assessment is crucial in the diagnoses of any specific learning difficulties.


Behavioural & Emotional Screening
Canberra Child IQ Testing

We use the Connors Behavioural Rating Scale (CBRS) to screen for symptoms of anxiety, flat mood, inattention, and impulsivity .







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