Child intelligence (IQ) testing at our Canberra office

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the assessment cost?

Taryn and Carlo offer competitive fees for testing. 

What should I tell my child about the testing session?

We suggest that you let your child know exactly what will happen in the testing session and focus on the positive outcome. They will be working with a person to find out what they are really good at doing and how they learn – to see if they are verbal or more of a visual learner.

There will be puzzles and blocks to play with, and it is a really fun and enjoyable experience. For younger children, to prepare them for the session you can describe it as something like this: "We're hiring a learning detective who needs some help to find some clues. The detective will do different kinds of thinking games and quizzes - to find out what you do really well, and how you learn best".

How do I prepare my child for the session?

A good night’s sleep, low stress morning and a nutritious breakfast is all the preparation children need. There is no way to practice for the IQ test, as all tasks need to be new to the child.

Do I stay in the room with my child during the assessment?

Generally parents do not stay in the room as they can be a distraction. You are welcome to sit outside the room or visit the local shops and return when the session is completed. 

When will I receive results?

We send our report to parents 2-3 weeks after the assessment.

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